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    How do you setup the Copy to Clipboard options in the MapThat Spatial Bookmarks?



    MapThat’s Spatial Bookmarks allow users to create a bookmark of a location and their visible Data Layers and then share that with colleagues. The Copy to Clipboard command will generate a unique URL that will contain the login credentials of a default user for MapThat with the details of the users saved geographic location and the Data Layers being displayed. 

    In order for the Copy to Clipboard URL to be correct, the following configuration will need to be applied by the Admin user:



    In the Config settings ensure that you change the value for the Data Service so that these use your MapThat instance:

        <add key="DataServiceURL" value="http://localhost/MapThatOLv3/SadasDataService.svc"/>

    • Where localhost – is the servername for MapThat
    • Where MapThatOLv3 – is the name of your Web Service for MapThat within Internet Information Services Manager (IIS).

    In the Config settings ensure that you change the value for the DefaultLoginClient so that it references the instance of MapThat you are using in your Login_Config table:

        <add key="DefaultLoginClient" value= "MapThat"/>



    In your MapThat SQL Database ensure that you have the correct settings (as per the defaultloginclient of the Webconfig) in the VE_Login_Config table:

    ClientName = MapThat

    ApplicationName = MapThat



    Finally, using the MapThat Admin Forms ensure that there is a default user that can open MapThat without having to login.



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