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    By John Flanagan 


    The Room Finishing application allows you to automatically create a skirting board or a finish floor all the way around any architectural room. Just create a type of wall to be used as a baseboard or a type of floor to be used as finish, select a set of rooms or a single room and the application will create the skirting board and the finish with the proper height. Download the Add-In from the Exchange Apps Store. Go to the information centre on the Ribbon and click the X symbol to open the Exchange Apps Store. See fig 1.

    Fig 1: Exchange Apps Location

    Search for Room Finishing and download the free app. See Fig 2.

    Fig 2: Room Finishing App

    Now open Revit and click the Add-Ins button on the Ribbon to access the Room Finishing Tool. See Fig 3.

    Hover over the Skirting and Floor Finish options and press the F1 function key on the keyboard for a full description on how to use these tools. 

    Fig 3: New Add-In Location