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    By Justin Doughty 

    Autodesk have now released BIM 360 Docs, a great new app that sits alongside the other apps in the BIM 360 Family. It provides an online service to store and manage all project plans, models and documents.

    Using either a web app, tablet or phone, the project team can publish, manage, review, markup and approve any project file. The basics are to setup a project, create a folder structure and upload files to these locations. The administrator can finally invite project members, and assign different permissions to these users, allowing them to only view or edit certain files.

    I have tested the web app so far in various browsers on my PC, on my basic android tablet and even my windows phone, all of which can view the documents with ease. Below I have put together a few of the best features. 

    -BIM 360 Docs comes with the same great viewing experience as A360, letting you view, navigate and interrogate your 3D models and 2D plans inside of a web browser or the BIM 360 Docs app:

    -BIM 360 Docs, also gives us easy to use markup tools for our sheets:

    -The most impressive feature I have found however is the Title Block feature. We upload a multipage document, in this case a PDF file, and select the area of the Title Block. We can then automatically pick areas to assign to the project attributes, BIM 360 Docs then automatically reads and fills out the data:

    It then applies it to the whole document, this give you the following result, with the attributes already filled out:

    -We can also change the view so we can quickly see and find the sheet we are looking for:

    You can find out more information and sign up to try BIM 360 Docs for free at the Autodesk link below: