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    By Dennis Collin 

    The Reference Plane tool in Revit is one of several Work Plane options to help position objects in your model. Typically though reference planes are used as 'construction lines' in your design.

    Reference Planes display wherever they fall within the view range of plans, section or elevations provided they are perpendicular to the orientation of the view. In a similar to Grids and Levels.

    When drawing elements in projects and indeed setting up references in families the use and naming of main Reference Planes is vital especially in larger projects and more complicated or nested families.

    The recent 'Point release of Revit 2016 R2 has made this naming process much easier with the option of renaming Reference Planes ON SCREEN as shown in the graphic below.

    This saves the user having to wander across the properties dialogue box and also having the name at both ends means it is easier to read as well. Although this may seem a fairly minor point to a casual Revit user, I welcome any tweak to the interface where it makes good practice easier.



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