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    By Clint Brown

    As a Vault user, you may wish to use the latest copy of a file from the Vault, outside of the Vaulted environment.

    The easiest way to do this, is to use the "Get" function (Get/Checkout in older versions).

    To "Get" a file or multiple files, simply select the files, right click and choose "Get".

    In the example above, I have selected 2 files, the "Get" dialogue box shows that 0 files are going to be checked out of Vault, but that 2 files are going to be downloaded to the local workspace. 

    Click OK. Note that hitting the big tick icon will check the files out of Vault.

    To access the files in your workspace, right click on one of the files and select "Go to Working Folder"

    The files are now available for you to use outside of Vault.