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    By Gus Petrikas

    Having a separate, custom appearance library in Autodesk Inventor can be very useful, especially when you are working on multiple computers that are not connected to a network, when you need to share the libraries within the network or simply when you want to keep things in Inventor nice and tidy.

    Here is a quick tutorial on how to create a custom material library:

    • Open the Appearance Browser.
    • Click on the Folder with a spanner icon to drop down the menu.
    • Create New Library.

    • Name your new Appearance Library and select a location for it.

    • Now all you need to do is create a material and place it in the library.
    • Click on the sphere with a plus sign.
    • Select the type of material you want to create.

    • Name your material, adjust settings and hit OK.

    • Find your new material in the Document Appearances
    • Drag-and-drop it into your new material library.

    That’s about it. You can copy the .adsklib and share it with your colleagues, friends or the internet.