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    By Clint Brown

    We often get asked the following question on support "Why and I am receiving (and how do I fix) the following Error:

    One or more files cannot change to the specified state due to errors or restrictions.

    Some properties do not match pre-defined criteria of Transition from 'Work in Progress' to 'Released'; please ensure all properties are in compliance."

    This error message comes up when a specified property on your File is not in sync with the same property in Vault.

    Often this happens on the "Revision" property. The file in Vault will display a non-compliance, with the property in question highlighted in red, as shown below.

    To clear the non-compliance on the file in question, simply click on the file and select Actions > Synchronize Properties 

    Then follow the prompts 

    The properties in question will then be synchronized.

    For the Vault Administrators out there, you may be wondering how compliancy is set up and how it is enforced.

    Properties in Vault, which can be accessed via Tools > Administration > Vault Settings > Behaviours > Properties

    If you create a new property, or interrogate an existing property you will see a "Mapping" tab

    For more on the Mapping direction, have a look here

    Under the Settings tab, you can specify if a property will be checked for compliance, by setting "Requires Value" to True.

    The next step in enforcing compliance is to check that compliance is enforced on the required lifecycle transition change