Revit Architecture 2016 – Design Options

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By John Flanagan 


Use Design Options to explore alternative designs. Each design option set contains one primary option and one or more secondary options. You can access Design Options from the Ribbon or the Status Bar. The attached video shows both locations.

Fig 1: Design Option Tool Location and Tool Description

The attached video shows how to set up design options for two different roof layouts.

Option Set: Roofs

Fig 2: Hip Roof Option 1 (Primary)

Fig 3: Gable Roof Option 2 (Secondary)

The following video shows you how to set up design options for the illustrated roofs.



Once you have set up your design options, duplicate the default 3D view in the project browser twice and rename the copied views as shown:

Fig 3: Duplicate Views


Open the Gable Roof view and type VG or VV to open the visibility graphics dialogue box and click on the Design Options tab:

Fig 4: Visibility Graphics Dialogue Box

Click to the right on Design Options and in the drop down menu assign the Gable Roof option to this view. Open the Hip Roof view and do the same. You will now be able to switch between you two roof layouts in the Project Browser.

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