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    By Kim Hyde


    Navisworks is one of many CAD products supported for Autodesk’s Vault data management solutions.  Read on to read my simple tip to connect Dwf 3D images that are not auto-generated via the check-in process …

    The common application Vault ribbon allows the usual easy to operate check-in / check-out routines, plus lifecycle management directly from Navisworks; but notice in the image above the linked dwf file defined in the Vault Browser.

    To create, check-in and link the dwf follow the 3 simple steps below:

    1. Export the Dwf / Dwfx (remember where you save the file!).

    Application button > Export > 3D DWF / DWFx

    1. Check-in the Dwf / Dwfx (drag-and-drop to the nominated folder is probably the easiest method!).
    1. Link the Dwf / Dwfx to the Navisworks .nwd file using the Attach tool. Note when attached, the Dwf will be featured as child in the hierarchy on the `Uses’ tab.

    That’s pretty much it … but remember that you can open the Dwf directly from Vault Explorer by right-clicking over the image from the Preview tab. 

    Happy Vaulting!