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    Hi, my name is Peter Maxwell-Stewart. I'm an Application Engineer at Cadline, specialising in the Manufacturing products.

    In 2009 I started using Autodesk software and have been hooked ever since. I have progressed with every version from then on, predominantly with Inventor, but I have good experience in AutoCAD and Showcase among other programs.

    Having been the sole designer, or only supported with apprentices, I have always had to push and develop my own skills and knowledge base. This has allowed me to best develop company practices and also pass on that information and experience to more junior members to get them up to speed and working quickly and effectively.

    An example of this is my passion for BIM and its continuing developments having implemented a BIM library for my previous company and have made them BIM compliant for the Government BIM mandate.

    Alongside BIM I also love the frame generator and bolted connection tools inside Inventor.

    I am committed to learning new software and pushing myself to learn all the latest advancements. This, along with my experience, puts me in a great position to pass this knowledge onto you.