Q. How can I check what V-Ray licenses are being used?


V-Ray license server status:

The V-Ray license server has a web interface that allows you to check its status and available licenses.  The license server must be running to view the status web page.  Please open the link http://<IP_address>:30304/getstatus in a web browser, where <IP_address> is the IP address of the license server.

The status page shows information about the total number of licenses available to the license server; how many of them are engaged and from which IP address they are engaged.

In the “Licenses usage summary” section you can see information about the licenses on the license server.  In the Total column you can see all the available licenses on the dongle; in the Engaged column you can see how many of the licenses are currently being used, and in the Free column you can see the number of the licenses that are currently free.

In the example above there are two types of licenses:

  • V-Ray for 3ds Max 3.0 – these licenses are used from the V-Ray interface inside 3ds Max. In the table you can see that we have a Total of two licenses - one is being used (Engaged) and one is available for use (Free)
  • V-Ray Render Node 3.0 – these licenses are used when rendering. In the table you can see that we have a Total of two licenses - one is being used (Engaged) and one is available for use (Free)


The “Stored licenses details” is useful when more than one dongle is plugged in the license server. Here you can see a summary of all available licenses and the serial number of the dongle on which they are placed. If the license has an expiration date this is also displayed. In the example below, you can see that we only have one dongle connected, the serial number of the dongle is 10086152 and it has two V-Ray for 3DS Max license and two V-Ray Render Node licenses.  All licenses are non-expiring.

The “Active sessions” list shows the IP addresses of all computers currently connected to the license server and the types of licenses they are using. In the example below you can see that there is only one active session. A machine with IP (localhost) is taking one V-Ray for 3ds Max 3.0 license and one V-Ray Render Node 3.0 license.

The “Global dongle expiration dates” shows a list of all dongles plugged in the license server and their expiration dates (different from license expiration dates explained above). In the example below there is one dongle with serial number 10085152 and it does not have an expiration date.



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