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    By Gus Petrikas

    There has been reports that AutoCAD 2016 are getting an error message saying "Error exception mc3.dll / mc3d.dll ARX"

    According to Autodesk Support, this is what has happened:

    An XML file for the Desktop Analytics Program (DAP) was updated, and an error in the file causes this crash to occur. The file on our server has now been replaced by a version that will not cause the program to crash. (I tested this myself this afternoon to confirm, before posting here.)

    Now there are a couple of quick fixes to this little issue:

    1. The quick-and-easy method:

    a) Open AutoCAD

    b) Open/create a drawing

    c) Hit the little "down" arrow in the top-right hand corner.

    d) Select "Customer Involvement Program" and choose "No, I do not want to join the program at this time"

    e) Click on the down arrow again and select "Desktop Analytics". Untick the "Yes, I would like to contribute to this program" box.

    f) Restart AutoCAD.


    2. The recommended solution:

    a) Open a Windows Explorer and navigate to the location C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\BLDSYS\2016\{5783F2D7-F006-0409-2102-0060B0CE6BBA}\\MC3Delete the file called WHITELIST.XML.

    b) Delete the file called WHITELIST.XML.

    c) Reboot the affected machine.

    d) Launch the affected AutoCAD program.

    e) The working version of the WHITELIST.XML file will download to the location listed above, and the program should now function normally.


    Here is the thread discussing the problem. It is expected that Autodesk will roll-back the changes that caused the error to appear.





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