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    By Miles Nicholson 

    The PEER_ fields in the Pin List database specify pin list assignments for a single part number with two parent devices. You set up the second coil's coil pins and pin list data in the PEER_COILPINS and PEER_PINLIST fields for the common part number. This is commonly used for setting up forward and reversing starters or latching and unlatching relays. You apply the pins to the forward (latching) relay, and then apply the peer pins to the reversing (unlatching) relay.

    To split the pin list data between two peer coil symbols:

    1. Insert the first coil symbol and make the catalog look-up selection.
      • The COILPINS and PINLIST data is found and applied to the coil symbol.
      • Any defined peer coil and pinlist data is also saved on the symbol as invisible xdata.
    2. Insert the second coil symbol but do not make a catalog assignment.
    3. In the Insert/Edit Component dialog box, click NO/NC Setup.
    4. Click Retrieve from peer. 
    5. Select the first coil symbol.
      • The saved coil pins are assigned to the parent symbol.
      • The saved peer pinlist data is copied from the first symbol over to this peer symbol. Child contacts can now be auto-annotated with the selected coil's available pin list information and max NO/NC count tracked on a per-coil basis.

     Please see the attached video link on how to do this:

    Picture: Google Images / http://crowdfundbeat.com/



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