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    On the 3rd of Nov 2015 Autodesk announced the release of ReCap v2.2. Direct download links are available at the bottom of this blog post.

    Major Updates to the ReCap Portfolio Offer Solutions for Processing UAV Photos and New Tools to Streamline Workflows and Increase Productivity

    The ReCap team has been hard at work and is excited to announce major updates now available to users.  ReCap 2.2 offers simplified solutions for all products in the portfolio:Recap, Recap360 & Recap Ultimate.



    • Autodesk ReCap Noise CleanupNoise Cleanup Service (beta) – for a limited time, you can try for free this new service to automatically remove object noise from structured scan projects
    • Point Cloud Editing Workflow – Users can now optimize point clouds for improved performance and project size
    • RealView Intensity Mode – toggle between RGB and Intensity views in RealView and Registration
    • Batch Region Tools – Users can now batch the creation and export of scan regions
    • ‘Structured’ E57 Import – ReCap can now read structured information (to support RealView and Registration) from E57 files with the correct contents


    ReCap 360

    • ReCap DataservicesAll ReCap Updates- listed above
    • Video Tools– new tools to quickly create animations and export videos from groups of View States
    • UAV Features - to meet the growing demand from the UAV industry to turn aerial photos into meaningful 2D and 3D data, the following enhancements deliver an easy, cost-effective solution to process UAV photos.


    • Easy setting of Ground Control Points, with support of XYZ, ECEF & LLA – WGS84 formats
    • Alignment of laser scans and photo-based models
    • Full support of GPS information embedded in the photo Exifs
    • Full support of nadir/vertical images
    • Auto-cropping mode
    • Automatic creation of orthographic views and depth maps in GeoTIFF
    • Automatic creation of photo-based point clouds in RCS format, and high quality photo-textured meshes in RCM (Autodesk Memento format), OBJ or FBX formats


    ReCap 360 Ultimate

    • All ReCap 360 Updates - listed above
    • ‘Complete’ E57 Export – export your entire project, including structured scan information, to a single E57 file 


    Direct Download Links (Courtesy of Jack Strongitharm - From the ground up)

    These updates are available through the Autodesk Application Manager and also direct links below


    Autodesk ReCap (v

    Direct download link:

    Release Notes:


    Autodesk ReCap 360 (Ultimate) (v

    Direct download link:

    Release Notes: