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    How can you rename the Baselayer Categories for MapThat?



    In order to rename the title of the Baselayer Categories e.g. ROAD or AERIAL you will need to make a SQL database update. Open SQL Management Studio and then choose to edit the VE_Baselayers table. The Category column defines the current name for the Baselayer categories. Update one of the current values e.g. ROAD to now be MAPS and then save the change. When you next open MapThat the Baselayer category will now be named MAPS. 

    If you have more than 2 Category values, this will add more categories to the Baselayer options, however the list is constrained to its current width (so that it doesn’t impose on the Data Menu if that is displayed horizontally), instead arrows will be added either side so the user can scroll along the options.



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