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    By Geoff Woodhead 

    I was recently asked to look into a case where updated lineweights were not showing on vehicle bodies after being configured in the Report Wizard. The lineweights were configured correctly as shown in fig. 1 however after selecting finish and that I did not want these settings to be default for all future sessions the model does not update.

    Fig. 1

    As we all know visual updates usually just require a regen or at worst a regenall. Unfortunately this did not help with this issue. Neither did saving and closing, switching to a layout and then back to model or a reboot of the machine.

    The issue came down to a need to progress all the way to the end of the report wizard after changing the lineweights to specify what the settings are to apply to. I have chosen to Use these settings for the selected path only as shown in fig. 2.

    Fig. 2

    Having now specified that these settings are to apply to the select path only the changes are reflected in model space. By selecting Finish before progressing to the last section of the wizard and No to using the settings for all future sessions what had happened is we had set any new paths created in the current drawing to use the specified settings but existing paths were left unchanged. The result is shown in fig. 3 below, hopefully this will save some of you from some report wizard related headaches in the future.

    Fig. 3