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    By Geoff Woodhead 

    I recently rebuilt my laptop and reinstalled all of my design software again. 2016 went on first and 2015 afterwards. I already had all of the product enhancements for 2015 so installed them first, then logged myself into the subscription enhancements portal and downloaded all of the 2016 product enhancements. When I tried to install the Vehicle Tracking Subscription Vehicles I was presented with the error shown in fig. 1.

    Fig. 1

    This one stumped me a bit, could’ve sworn I hadn’t installed them as I had just that moment finished downloading them. Reboot and try again to get the same message. Reading the message a bit more I suspect by version it is referring to the 2015 subscription vehicles that I had installed. I uninstalled the 2015 data and was then able to install the 2016 vehicles. As the vehicle library data is left behind when the item is uninstalled from the control panel I now have access to the vehicles in both versions of the software.

    Alternatively I could have selected Settings (highlighted by the red box on fig. 2) from the Autodesk Vehicle Tracking ribbon menu and then Directories (highlighted by the orange box on fig. 2). On the left hand side we need to repath the Autodesk entry underneath Data (as highlighted by the green box on fig. 2) to the correct folder for the version of the subscription vehicles that we installed. The path is determined by the version of the Vehicle Tracking Subscription Data you have installed, they are as follows:

    2014 -  C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Vehicle Tracking 2014\Library

    2015 - C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Vehicle Tracking 2015\Library

    2016 - C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Vehicle Tracking 2016\Library

    Fig. 2




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