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    By Dennis Collin

    This is an issue that rears its head from time to time and primarily effects our Revit MEP users when they customise Revit. In options should a user decide to turn off the energy analysis tools ribbon, it does way more than just remove the ribbon!

    Options is often accessed via the Revit 'jewel' menu (The blue 'R') to customise their Revit interface and set pathing locations, help behaviours etc..

    Users can also turn off certain Ribbon Tabs, to streamline their Revit Interface, and lose commands that aren’t relevant to their workflow.

    It also disables both the keyboard shortcuts of the commands from the disabled ribbon panel AND removes peripheral export options which many users do not expect.

    Switching the Energy Analysis tools back on restores the GBXML export capability! Whilst structural engineers may not be too concerned with the loss of this function Architects may need this file format if they want to do any computations or analysis in Autodesk Cloud Apps or other software to do with energy computations such as TAS or Cymap.

    Something to be aware of in any case.



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