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    By Gus Petrikas

    Autodesk has recently released something very interesting and useful – the Autodesk Viewer (Link to Justin’s blog).  It is an amazing app that runs directly in your browser. No installation needed. No conversion tools necessary. Viewing and sharing is fast and secure. Best of all – it’s free!

    Now if you are an Autodesk Inventor user there are a few extra steps that you must take in order to upload your model to Autodesk Viewer.

    Here’s how you do it:

    • Locate the folder containing the assembly that you want to upload (you will need all of the associated files to be present in this folder, you could also do a Pack 'n go of the assembly if you are having trouble).
    • Drag and drop the entire Folder into the grey box below.
    • At the bottom, select the main assembly of your model.
    • Hit Upload.

    Tip: Log in with your Autodesk Account to share the model and keep your model online for 30 days.




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