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    By Clint Brown


    UPDATE: 25 September 2015

    We would like to thank our users that assisted in the testing and troubleshooting of the responsive BETA site. The BETA is now closed and the responsive site is live.

    The final build includes support for more devices across IOS, Windows and Android operating systems, as well as improvements to the search capability of the site.

    Thanks again, and enjoy the new site on your mobile devices!


    I'm currently working on a project with our web team to make the Cadline Community experience on mobile phones better.

    We have developed a responsive website that works across platforms and allows for a simplified, cleaner version of Community on mobile phones.

    We would like to invite you, our loyal community members to test out the mobile/responsive version of the site.


    Should you wish to get involved, please drop us a line on the email below.




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