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    By Clint Brown

    Autodesk are set to launch a Mid Year release of Inventor 2016, which is more than likely going to be along the lines of the traditional Subscription Advantage pack that we have seen over previous years.

    The really exciting rumors around this release are coming from a very credible source, that of Autodesk's own Rob Cohee. In an article recently posted on LinkedIn by Cohee, he says:

    "Generative Design functionality will be included in a mid-year release of Autodesk Inventor 2016 'round the end of October 2015."

    So What is Generative design you ask? Well its the very exciting ability to design products using minimal material, or to optimise a design based on a set of input parameters, like an FEA for example.

    Below is a set of images showing an example of a design optimisation.

    For more on Generative design and Autodesk's Within technology, see my previous blog post here:

    Watch this space for more on the mid year release of Inventor 2016

    Image credit: Rob Cohee