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    By Kim Hyde 

    Cadline always advise our customers using Vault products about using a command line script (via a .bat file) for scheduled backups using valid Autodesk Data Management Console code. However, not many Vault Administrators are aware that there are many other routine tasks that can also be run `silently’ using similar ADMS command line scripts.  The following list provides the extent on the Vault server tasks available:

    Back the Vault

    Restore the Vault

    Migrate Vault Data

    Migrate Vault Data after installing a Hot Fix or an Update

    Purge File Versions

    Disable Purge

    Import Reference Table XML

    Reset Reference Repair

    Re-Index File Properties

    Rebuild Search Index Data

    Defragment a Vault Database

    Import a Library

    Export a Library

    Attach a Library

    Detach a Library

    Defragment a Library Database

    Rename a Server

    Validate a File Store

    Synchronize Your Workspace from the Command Line

    (+ Optional Switches)


    For further information and details on the command switch options, please refer to the following Autodesk link:


    Happy Vaulting!