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    By Justin Doughty 

    We all know Navisworks is a great tool to combine and coordinate various format designs and models. In an ideal world, all files would be set to the same coordinates and would come into Navisworks in the exaclty same place. However this is rarely the case with multiple file formats all with various origins. Navisworks provides you two ways to move your files or selection if you have this issue. 

    The first way to move a model is to select the model, then under the Item Tools>Transform select move.

    This will give you the move gizmo:

    With this you can move the model in any axis as expected, but the gizmo is rarely in the location needed. To move this, simply hold CTRL on the keyboard and then drag the ball of the gizmo, this will move and snap the ball to any geometry on the model. This way we could snap the gizmo to the corner of the building, or a grid line. 

    The second method is to use the Measure Tool.

    Select the model you require to move, then go to Review> Measure Tool. Perform the measurement between the two points. Finally expand the measure panel and select “Transform Selected Items”:

    This should then align your model to the correct location:


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    Paul Tunstall

    How does one move a linked model that is miles way from another by using coordinates?

    For example, I select the distant model at a specific grid position, then type in the x/y (e/n) coordinates to move it there.

    Paul Tunstall, HLM

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