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    By Chris Turner 

    For many years I have spoken to customers about ensuring they have their Inventor Project setup correctly, together with their styles and templates.

    One particular thing that still comes up on a regular basis is, if the settings are Inventor client based or project wide. In most cases, this is usually set to project wide to ensure everyone is using the same and is shared correctly. 

    There are two places that the Styles and Templates are setup. The Inventor Project file (IPJ) and the Inventor Application Options.

    • The Inventor Project

    The ‘Default’ shown here indicates that Inventor will use the default templates from the default location on your PC. This is normally installed in:-

    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor 201x\Design Data\

    C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor 201x\Templates\

    There is however, one other consideration here! If the Project IPJ is set the ‘Default’ then Inventor will actually use the settings in the in the Inventor Application Options.

    The above shows the same default install locations, but it can be edited here to another perhaps network location.

    Bottom line is that if you specify ‘Default’ in the Inventor Project file, it uses whatever is specified by Inventor Application Options. 

    I would recommend setting this in the Inventor Project IPJ though. If you specify it there as not ‘Default’ and at a particular path, then the Inventor Application Options are ignored.

    Whatever the Project file has set will be enforced for that Inventor project and everyone will be using the same Styles and the same Templates. Even if they try change it in the Inventor Options!

    I hope that clarifies this and helps! 

    PLEASE NOTE: The Content Center Files folder options also need careful consideration especially when working collaboratively!

    Contact us at Cadline if you would like further information on this. 

    Keep Inventing! :)



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