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    By Clint Brown

    This morning I received the August 2015 edition of the Autodesk Labs newsletter Innovation Edge And I have to say that Autodesk Labs - Project Arro / SimStudio seems like a really cool platform.

    If you are into simulation, you have to check this out. I will certainly be signing up for the technology preview. This is a confidential technology preview, so once enrolled you are sworn to secrecy, much like the Inventor Beta program.

    The newsletter contained a video, detailing the technology preview. What I really liked about the video, is the ability to quickly copy a static, linear simulation, and convert it to a non linear simulation.

    The major highlight for me, is the introduction of the Within technology into this Tech preview. Autodesk apparently paid $88 Million for this technology. One of the features of Whitin is that it allows designers to reduce the mass of their designs, using topology optimisation. Have a look at the video at 6:57 for more on this.




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