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    By John Flanagan 

    Revit Architecture 2016: Controlling Ground Shadows

    About turning ground shadows on or off in floor plan views in Revit Architecture.

    Revit Architecture 2016: Ground Shadows

    Recently I was asked if there was a way to turn off heavy ground shadows in floor plan views without turning off the wall shadows. Figure 1 below illustrates the problem.

    Fig 1: Ground Shadows On

    To turn the ground shadows off do the following:

    1. Select Sun Settings on the View Control Bar.

    2. In the Sun Settings Dialogue Box uncheck Ground Plane at level (highlighted in red).

    The ground shadows will now be turned off as illustrated in Figure 2 below.

    Fig 2: Ground Shadows Off

    This is just another visual control to help enhance your sheet presentations. I hope this little tip is helpful.



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