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    An un-install and a reinstall of AutoCAD for Mac did not resolve your issue so you want to know how to perform a clean uninstall of AutoCAD for Mac.


    Uninstall AutoCAD using the "Remove AutoCAD 20xx" application:

    Note: If you have multiple Autodesk products installed, this may affect all of them. If you need to use these steps to uninstall AutoCAD for Mac you should uninstall all Autodesk programs. 

    Open a Finder window and navigate to the Library folder located at the root of the local hard drive and delete the following folders:

    • /Library/Autodesk

    • /Library/Application Support/Autodesk

    Navigate to the folder  /Library/Preferences/Flexnet Publisher/FLEXnet and delete the files prefixed with adskflex.

    Navigate to the folder /Library/Application Support and delete the Flexnet Publisher folder.

    Note: Only do this if you do not have Adobe products installed on your Mac. Adobe products also use FlexNet and deleting this folder could be problematic for those products still installed.

    In the Finder window, navigate to the Users > "UserName" folder and delete the Adlm folder:


    Navigate to the Library folder located under Users > "UserName". This folder is typically hidden but can be revealed by clicking the Go menu in the Finder and holding the Option key (⌥):

    Delete the folder  /Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Autodesk:



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