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    By Justin Doughty 

    I thought I would share with you a very interesting “alternative” use for one of the new features in Revit 2016.

    The new feature is the 3D display of the Energy Model, and how this is configured. Aside from the Energy tools, with this display we can now produce a 3D coloured view of Rooms and Spaces.

    Below is the rough method I used, but you can always tweak the visuals afterwards: 

    -Create the building and rooms as normal

    -Go to Analyze>Energy Analysis>Show Energy Model

    This will give you a 3D view of the Analytical Spaces (this looks similar to the gbXML export preview)

    -Create your own project parameter, this could be anything Room Type/Floor Level etc.

    -Give each of the Analytical Spaces a value under this new project parameter

    -Setup a filter for each of these parameter values

    -Apply to the view 

    So creating a project parameter for “Floor Level” and assigning filters for each floor we get something like the below:

    Or with a different parameter, filters and visual setup, we can create a 3D colour fill to designate Room Usage:

    There are other methods of doing something similar, either with creating your own mass families, or with the use of something like Dynamo. However out of the box this is quite a simple method, and when room sizes change, we just have to toggle “Show Energy Model” button to update the spaces to match.




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    Beau Beashore

    What parameters and settings did you use to achieve the last image to have the floors show as the room color?

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    Justin Doughty

    Hi Beau, these are still the same Analytical Spaces showing over the walls/floors. If you look at the internal walls, they are slightly transparent, this was also done with the floors, so the colour of the analytical space shows through.

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