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    By Miles Nicholson 

    If you login to your Autodesk subscription account, you can now download Subscription Advantage Pack 1.

    These updates are available to subscription customers. These enhancements are all based on ideas from the AutoCAD Electrical IdeaStation

    Ignore Errors in Electrical Audit

    Once you have determined an error is not something that you need to fix, you can set the error's status to Ignored.

    Ignored errors are indicated in the Status column.


    Once you have marked the errors you want to ignore, you can hide those errors.

    The error status is remembered each time you run the audit and across sessions of AutoCAD Electrical.

    Ignored errors are included in the output text file when you export, even if they are hidden in the dialog. If an error has been marked as ignored, it is indicated in the Status column in the text file.

    Miscellaneous Enhancements

    • When you insert panel footprints from a schematic list, the sort settings are now saved across sessions.
    • You can now sort the terminal strips in the Terminal Strip Table Generator by clicking the column header. The terminal strips are generated in the sorted order.

    • When you add or edit signal arrows, related source and destination arrows are updated automatically, even if they are on other drawings.



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