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    By John Flanagan 

    Revit Architecture 2016: Titleblock Stamp

    About turning certain information on or off inside your titleblock.


    Sometimes you may want to turn certain information on or off inside your titleblock. Examples of this may be the project status (Feasibility, Design, Tender, Contract, Construction, As Built).

    Step 1: Type Text
    Open your titleblock in the family editor. On the create tab select text, click where you want to place the text and type in FEASIBILITY. Place another piece of text and type in AS BUILT.

    Step: 2 Create Parameters
    In the next step we will assign specific properties to each piece of text so that we can turn them on or off. To do this we will apply a Yes/No Parameter to each piece of text. Select one piece of text, e.g. FEASIBILITY, and check its properties underneath graphics and note that there is a check mark for visible. Click the easy to overlook grey box to the right of the visible tick mark to open the Associate Family Parameter Dialogue Box.

    Text Properties

    Associate Family Parameter

    Click Add Parameter and fill in the information as shown.

    You need to do this for both pieces of text. The two parameters will be listed as shown.

    Click OK.

    Step 3: Position Text Stamps

    Place the text stamps on top of each other. Only one will show eventually because one is going to mask out the other one. Window to select both pieces of text and check in properties – Text Notes (2) and Visible is checked and they are going to be equal to whatever the visibility settings are in the project that they are inserted into.

    Text Properties

    Next select load into project and overwrite the existing version. In a sheet view select the titleblock, click edit type in properties and clear the check mark next to Feasibility, click OK and on the titleblock sheet the text now reads AS BUILT.

    Note: You could repeat the procedure outlined above and create text stamps for each of the key stages of a construction project (Feasibility, Design, Tender, Contract, Construction, As Built). Adding Yes/No parameters enables you to control their visibility on sheets.