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    By Justin Doughty

    There are many Revit users that have asked me the best way to send someone a portion of a project file (.rvt), either for viewing or for a quick copy/paste into a current project. The long method would be to saveas a new file, and delete all of the views/annotations/geometry that you do not want to include. There is an easier way:

    The steps are very simple:

    1. Perform the 3D-Section-View as shown in the steps by James Philip
    2. Drag and drop this view on to a new sheet
    3. Right click the new sheet in the project browser and “Save to New File…”

    The new file will contain only those items visible in the 3D section. However if the 3D section cuts an element, the whole element will be transferred.

    A good example of this is a wall that spans multiple levels, the section may only be of one level, but the entire wall across all levels will transfer.

    You could use this method to quickly show a client or colleague a portion of a file using the 360 Viewer without having to upload the entire project. This also means the recipient only needs a web browser to view the file.