Automated Survey Grid Drawing facility for AutoCAD 2016


By Dennis Collin 

This program is very useful for drawing out gridlines for construction or survey in AutoCAD and then labelling them with real world or local coordinates.

The MLH2 application makes this task so much easer than manual methods which involves copying, offsetting or arraying lines and placing text or setting up fields within an Mtext object.

All you need to do, is to draw a polyline of the site using your desired coordinate system. (Or transfer your data from your instrument)

You'll need to download and install the MLH2 application from the AutoCAD Exchange site and the relevant icon should appear in the add-ins tab similar to below;

Then run the MLH2 command by typing in the alias (MLH2) or click on the icon and the following dialogue box appears. this allows you to select Prefix options, text sizing, grid spacing and other options, including layers for gridlines and text.

The routine will then also group the elements to make selection easier as well as provide the option to remove the original survey boundary line.

The Grid drawing application has recently been updated to version 2.71 for AutoCAD 2016 and can be obtained from here;

I think it is very useful for a free app and should be of great use to any Surveyor or Site Engineer who needs to create plans off a grid very quickly.

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