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    How do I align an Angle Valve correctly?

    When placing an Angle Valve in AutoCAD P&ID, it should be remembered that the assumed orientation and direction of flow of a process line is horizontally left to right. The assumed location of an Angle Valve is at the top vertex of a vertical line that then turns left or right.

    However, placing the same symbol at the base of a vertical line results in the symbol being orientated incorrectly.


    As part of the P&ID configuration, a second symbol may be defined to represent the Angle Valve in which the geometry of the block is mirrored about the y-axis and then rotated 90 degrees about the origin.

    The orientation of the valve may then be chosen by selecting the appropriate Graphical style property for the valve in the AutoCAD Properties window.

    Correct orientation of a Angle Valves using 2 symbols.



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