AutoCAD 2016 - Missing Command Line

Zen Admin
Zen Admin

By Gus Petrikas

Lost or misplaced your command line? Luckily, there is an easy way of getting it back without resetting your Workspace or Profile settings. Here is how that can be achieved:  

  • Type in CUI and hit return. Do not worry if you cannot see what you are typing in. The commands still work even if the command line is not present.  
  • That will launch the Customize User Interface tool. In the upper-left hand window,  expand the Workspaces tree and select your current workspace.  
  • Now on the upper-right hand window, expand the Pallets tree. Scroll down and look for Command Line. 
  • Finally, on the lower-right hand window, locate Orientation option and choose either Top or Bottom and hit Apply.  

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    Alan Eyre

    This is great. Could not get this thing back. Now I know how to do it.


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