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    By Geoff Woodhead 

    The latest version of the Geotechnical Module product enhancement for Civil 3D 2016 became available for download this month. This is always one of the tools I can’t wait to get my hands on with every new release of Civil 3D. I’ve always found that the information provided to me by the Geotechnical Module to be far superior to the reports the data is derived from, this is largely down to the fact that I can see the strata in relation to the rest of my model. Then you throw a surface on your sub-surface strata and everything you need to know to make well informed engineering decisions is in front of you in your chosen style or colour.

    The guys and girls at Keynetix have really out-done themselves this year. We’ve been given a majorly overhauled interface which is looking really sleek. There’s a new project browser for connecting to your desired project, this should make it much easier to make all of your Geotechnical information available to every user in a much more logical fashion.

    The look and feel of the new menu’s are very much akin to those found in ReCap, further unifying the look and feel of our full suite of applications and extras. Another menu that has undergone extensive changes is the Import wizard, this is now much easier to follow through.

    If you've still not downloaded a copy of the Geotechnical Module there is no better time to take advantage of these great features, so download your copy now! I’m off to explore the rest of the new goodies that lie in wait.



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