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    By Clint Brown

    I was asked a question about Bill of Materials (BoM) customisation, and I thought the easiest way to explain the different options, would be to put a quick video together explaining what can be easily achieved.

    In the video below, I show how you can add additional columns to your Inventor BoM. I then explain how to export a BoM XML (settings) file from one assembly to another (it's much easier than it sounds, I promise!).

    What most users don't realise, is that there is no default setting in Inventor to change these BoM customisations centrally, these are stored in the assembly (.iam) file, so you will need to apply a customisation to every file that needs a specific BoM view.

    The good news, is that you can apply a BoM customisation to your Assembly Template file, so that this remains standard for all new designs.