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    By Dennis Collin 

    Last week I was at the OTX Europe 2015 Event in Berlin,  one of the exhibitors there, were Faro who were showing their new plug-in 'Pointsense' for Revit. This is a frequent area of questioning I get when training Revit. Which is; "How can Revit work with Laser Scan data more effectively?". In the past such workflows were pretty limited to referencing in point cloud data, with simple sectioning capabilities and fairly limited snap functions.

    However, there now seems to be some progress in this direction with the Revit PointSense plug-in from Faro . This application enables the effective processing of 3D laser scanner data in Revit. It also provides tools for automatically fitting and aligning walls, the setting of Revit work planes from point cloud points and also utilizing scan data within the Revit Family Editor.

    Working with the point cloud tutorial

    This complements the improved point cloud capabilities within the 2016 range of Autodesk products

    A video of the functions and workflow can be seen here.


    Worth checking out if you are having to do refurbishment projects with either Revit or that trusty old workhorse AutoCAD.



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