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    By Luke Davenport 


    You like the convenience of adaptivity when designing assemblies, but would like the ability to quickly switch this off for convenience when you are finished designing.


    If you need a quick refresher on adaptivity – here’s an snippet  from a previous article on Cadline Community which contained  some suggestions for dealing with it also…

    So those 4 options above are possible ways of dealing with adaptivity. But there is a 5th option. It’s pretty similar to number 3) above, but rather than switching the adaptivity off from the assembly browser, did you know you can actually disable adaptivity in the part file itself?

    This is how we do it manually:

    Open any part or assembly, go to Document Settings, and Untick the ‘Adaptively Used in Assembly’ option.

    Doing this is a bit more heavy-duty than the option 3) above, as it will  break any existing adaptive links between this file and any assembly that uses it. By contrast Option 3) above won’t permanently break the adaptivity – it still leaves you with the option to right click on the browser node, turn on adaptivity again, and see the parts ping into shape whenever you like. 

    So, in a nutshell – this iLogic rule will automatically go into each file in the assembly, and switch off that tickbox. This will remove any adaptive links between:

    '1) All parts in this assembly.

    2) All parts in this assembly and other assemblies they may also be assembled into.

    So be careful! If any of the parts in the assembly are adaptive in other assemblies, this code will make them un-adaptive in those assemblies also….

    When you run the rule, you’ll get a message telling you how many parts/assemblies have had their adaptivity removed. If at this point you have second thoughts then simply close the assembly without saving it, and all your links will be preserved.

    Download the iLogic code here and play safe as always…