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    By Clint Brown

    Error connecting to Buzzsaw. Please verify that you are connected to the Internet and try again

    I'm a big fan of Buzzsaw Sync, it is a very useful tool and generally works flawlessly... BUT I have had some recent trouble with Buzzsaw Sync and a persistent error with connecting to the internet. This sparked off a bit of a wild goose chase, where I disabled my anti-virus and my firewall, changed my cabled network to a wireless one (outside of our domain) and even asked Autodesk for some help.

    While I waited, I then thought that maybe the app was out of date, so I ran a check to see if this was the problem, but the app version was up to date.


    In the end and out of sheer frustration I uninstalled the app, rebooted and then re-installed it again from the Autodesk Site.

    Downloads below:

    32-bit Windows (English) | 64-bit Windows (English)

    After letting Autodesk Help know that this fixed the issue for me (on Twitter) I was informed that this was actually the only way to resolve the issue, as there was a recent Vulnerability hotfix (I assume windows) which causes the problem.



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