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    By Justin Doughty 

    A common issue with various versions of Revit is that the contextual menu for editing profiles or boundaries doesn’t always appear. This leaves the user without being able to finish or cancel the edit.

    This issue is usually fixed by making sure you have the most recent updates for Revit, and also the certified Autodesk graphics card driver. 

    However not all users have access to these, or are in the middle of working on a project. One of the workarounds I suggest is to assign a keyboard shortcut the “Finish Edit Mode” and “Cancel Edit Mode” commands, maybe “FE” and “CE”.

    To do this, navigate to View>Windows>User Interface>Keyboard Shortcuts:

    Search for the command, and assign it a shortcut:

    Knowing existing and creating new keyboard shortcuts can dramatically improve the speed of your Revit workflow.

    Click here to view the whitepaper on Revit 2016 keyboard shortcuts. 




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