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    By Kim Hyde

    Not the usual `Techie’ Blog from me this time, I would like to raise the subject of training and the simple fact that from the cradle to the grave, life is one long learning experience!

    Cadline is proud of the Support Services it offers, but we sometimes have to clarify we cannot train someone over the phone.  We very happy to offer technical support for a huge range of services and applications, but there is a clear distinction support and training; where applicable we may advise that training would be the first and beneficial step in resolving a particular issue when raised.

    When contemplating organising training of any sort, there is often a confusion in seeing this as a cost or an investment.  To help me emphasis the difference between the two, please read the rest of my Blog to see what Prof Brian Cox has to say on this subject ….

    If you have not read `Human Universe’ by Prof Brian Cox, I urge you to do so.  The book was published in support of the BBC’s series of programs of the same name hosted and presented by the author.  The book is a personal and sometimes uncompromising view of man’s presence, from evolution from an ape-like animal to our current understanding of the universe we live in.

    The late Dr Jacob Bronowski (1908 – 1974) and Brian Cox share a rare gift of successfully communicating the complexities of life to the common man.  (I also urge you to read Bronowski’s The Ascent of Man).  Jacob Bronowski and Brian Cox would have made a great partnership.

    … Anyway, I digress!

    To emphasise my point on the investment in providing training in general, I have referenced the following from Human Universe where Brian Cox is talking about NASA’s Apollo project:

    The generation of scientists and engineers who worked on and were inspired by Apollo went out into the wider economy and delivered a huge investment return; a series of studies, including one by Chase Econometrics, showed that for every dollar invested in Apollo, at least $6 or $7 was returned in GDP growth.  This should, of course, be bloody obvious – new knowledge grows GDP – but every generation of politicians seems to require re-educating to understand the difference between spending and investment.  And when I’m polemicising, let me say that the usual political argument – that the public support is needed for such large investments – is drivel.  Firstly, the investment in NASA wasn’t that large, never exceeding 4.5 per cent of the Federal budget throughout the lifetime of Apollo.  And secondly, it is a politician’s job to lead from the front.  Make the case that investment in knowledge, in pushing the boundaries of human capabilities and exploring all frontiers, both physical and intellectual, is the key to future wealth, prosperity and security of civilisation.  Aspire to be Kennedy, not a hand-wringing apologist for intellectual and technological decline.”

    So that’s my point … if someone ever questions about the `cost’ for training, just get them the read the above quotation on the subject!

    For more information on what Cadline has to offer for training, please refer to the following links:








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