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    By Autodesk Labs

    Project Octopus was our free technology preview that allows designers and engineers using Robot Structural Analysis to access data and results with Microsoft Excel. The technology helps designers to easily develop "user defined" calculations that complement Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis results. Project Octopus was fully integrated in Excel as an addin and allowed accessing data and results from an Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis model using simple Excel formulas. Once the link has been made with Project Octopus, data is available for post processing with Excel formulas, graphs, pivot tables, and other methods we all know and love in Excel. I live and die by pivot tables.

    I am happy to report that based on your feedback, this technology has graduated from Autodesk Labs and is available in Robot Structural Analysis as Results Connect. You can learn more about it at:

    Read all about it

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the technology preview. Your experience shapes the future of our technology.

    The octopus' garden is alive in the lab.



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