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    By Justin Doughty 

    With the newer releases of AutoCAD (2015 onwards), some users may have noticed the removal of the “AutoCAD Classic” Workspace. This blog guides you through how to restore a “Classic” style workspace.

    Save your current workspace as, and give this a name (“Classic” for example). This will ensure you can always revert to the standard, if anything happens:

    Make sure you set the Workspace Settings to save changes:

    Next “Show Menu Bar”:

    In the command line type RIBBONCLOSE:

    Finally turn on the toolbars. This can be done from the Menu Bar:

    The default ticked items from the 2014 Classic Workspace are:


    Draw Order






    If you have AutoCAD Mechanical or wish to enable all of the toolbars use the following method.

    Enter –TOOLBAR into the command line and select ALL, and then SHOW. 

    This now gives you your toolbars back:

    Below are some further steps that you may want to change, to get the feel of the older versions of AutoCAD:

    To turn off the newer lasso selection in the command line, set the PICKAUTO system variable to 3

    Turn off the high quality geometry, set HQGEOM system variable to 0

    And then set LINESMOOTHING system variable to 0

    This is explained in more detail in my white paper that can be downloaded below:



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