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    By Geoff Woodhead 

    It’s that time of year again, the new version of Civil 3D is now available for download from your Autodesk account. There are some features to get really excited about this year but that’s not the focus of this particular blog, if you’ve not checked out the new features yet what are you waiting for! My colleague Trevor has written a blog on the best ones here.

    Autodesk’s various websites have been majorly overhauled recently, a change for the better in my opinion but I understand that some of you are a little confused by the new layouts. That brings us to the real reason for this blog. Before too many people get the American English version of Civil 3D installed I want to get a download guide for the British English localisation of Civil 3D out there for your perusal.

    If you are one of these people (like me) who cannot face the prospect of seeing the word Elevation instead of Level, Intersections instead of Junctions or Station instead of Chainage then read on below for my updated step by step guide.

    In order to be able to install the British English version of AutoCAD Civil 3D you will first need to remove any other localisations of the version you wish to install.

    1. Navigate to http://manage.autodesk.com and login using an Autodesk account with permissions to view available product downloads.

    2. Upon login by default I am presented with the Products and Services section of the Management area of my account. If you are not initially presented with this page you will need to first select the Management option (as highlighted by the red box on the screen capture below) and then Products and Services option (as highlighted by the orange box on the screen capture below).

    3. Once managing your Products & Services you will need to locate Civil 3D in your list of available software. Clicking the chevron button will expand the details of the product. Using the More Actions hyperlink select the desired download method (highlighted by the red box on the screen capture below.

    4. You will be presented with a call out asking you to select the Version, Platform and Localisation of Civil 3D that you require. Select British English from the Language dropdown as highlighted by the red box on the screen capture below and select Download Now.

    Now armed with your newly downloaded copy of the British English localised version of AutoCAD Civil 3D, don’t forget to properly configure the installation to also install the UKIE Country Kit for all of the extra design content goodness you’ve come to love these last versions.

    Hope you found this post useful and enjoy your localised version of Civil 3D!



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