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    By Trevor Clayton

    The ability to share intended design data between conceptual stages and design stages gets easier if you are using Infraworks 360 and Civil 3d. the first thing that should be done is customise the import options from the  drop down menu from the insert ribbon.

    There are lots of options of objects from both bits of software and you can save the file for reuse. The decision then is to whether you want to use the IMX file format or the SQL, both have their advantages and limits,  the import options are slightly different for each.

    The image above shows the IMX import and you can clearly see that the select an "Area of Interest" is greyed out whereas SQL import it’s not, so gives you more control over the size of the model you import into Civil 3D.

    When preparing to exchange objects between an InfraWorks 360 model and an AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing, it is recommended that you use the following guidelines when setting coordinate systems and units:
    • Set a UCS in the InfraWorks 360 model that is compatible with the coordinate system that will be used in the AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing.
    • If the AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing does not have a coordinate system specified or if the coordinate systems are not compatible, you can set or change the drawing coordinate system when you open the InfraWorks 360 model in AutoCAD Civil 3D.
    • The AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing must have a coordinate system specified in order to bring in InfraWorks 360 data.
    • If you export an IMX file from InfraWorks 360 to be used in AutoCAD Civil 3D, it is recommended that you specify a target coordinate system for the IMX file that is the same coordinate system that will be used in the AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing.
    • Use the same unit type in both the InfraWorks 360 model and in the AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing. By default, InfraWorks 360 models use metric units. When you set up an object settings file in AutoCAD Civil 3D, ensure that the part catalogues that you specify for planning utilities and drainage networks have the same units that are used in the InfraWorks 360 model.
    Be Aware  InfraWorks 360 models created with the Model Builder use the LL84 coordinate system by default. However, AutoCAD Civil 3D does not support coordinate systems that are based on latitude-longitude coordinates. Therefore, if the InfraWorks 360 model is set to LL84 or another latitude-longitude coordinate system, use one of the other options