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    By Kim Hyde 

    If you experienced the following message when attempting to install a Design Suite application that was not included in the original Suite install … then read on!

     I recently came across this issue when attempting to install Vault Basic on my laptop using my Product Design Suite media.  I actually already had Vault Professional (Client) installed, but I additionally wanted to install Vault Basic (Client) to assist with a customer Vault Basic setup during a site-visit.

    In short it was easier to uninstall a couple BIM 360 add-ins, then start the installation again.  The cause of the issue relates to certain application add-ins being updated via Autodesk’s Application Managers following the initial Suite install. 

    Although my issue related to installing Vault Basic, you may find the same problem / resolution related to other apps.


    Via Control Panel > Programs and Features, uninstall Autodesk BIM 360 Glue AutoCAD 2015 Add-in 64 bit and Autodesk BIM 360 Navisworks Manager 2015 Add-in 64 bit from the installed program listing.



    Start the installation from the Suite media, selecting the application(s) to install.

    It is worth noting if you are installing from one of the Suites that includes Inventor, whether you have previously installed the Content Centre Libraries … for some strange reason it will attempt to install this again! If you find this, just untick the option to install:


    … And lastly, just review the Autodesk Application Manager for any updates to install:


    … And there you have it! , oh and by the way …you can install both Vault Professional (Client) and Vault Basic (Client) on the same platform … but you would need very special circumstances (like mine) why you would want to do so in the first place!



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