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    By Clint Brown

    Vault 2016 is finally here, and it has quite a few new features, my favourite, and one that has been requested by several Vault users over the years has to be the ability to roll back a Status of a file.


    To roll Back a File's Lifecycle State

    1. Select a file in the main view and select Actions > Roll Back Lifecycle State Change.

      A dialog displays describing to which state the file will be rolled back.

    2. Click Continue to complete the lifecycle state rollback.

    Note: You must be a Document Manager Level 2 or Administrator to roll back a file's lifecycle state


    Rules for Rolling Back a File Lifecycle State

    The lifecycle of a file can be rolled back if:

    • The file is currently checked in.
    • No parent versions consume the current child version that you want to roll back.
    • The previous lifecycle state has not been deleted.
    • The file is not in <null> definition.
    • There is no label on the current version of the file.
    • The administrator has not enabled the Restrict File and Item Lifecycle State Changes to Change Orders option.

      See Configure Restrictions for Lifecycle State Changes Using Change Orders for more information.

    Other new features are listed below.

    • New Item, BOM, and Change Order Features and Enhancements
    • New Copy Design Experience
    • Vault Thin Client Enhancements
    • New Vault Office Thick Client
    • Inventor and Third-Party CAD File Support
    • Project Sync Enhancements
    • Control Open File Behaviors in the Vault Client Feature
    • ADMS Console Enhancements

    For a full rundown, have a look at Autodesk's article on the new 2016 features here. Over the coming weeks, the Cadline Manufacturing team will update you with new features and workflows.




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