AutoCAD Electrical 2016 – Wire Sequence Sort Order

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By Miles Nicholson 

One of the new features in AutoCAD Electrical 2016 changes the way that wires are sequenced. This aids better reporting for From/To Lists amongst other things.

The drawing and project property for sort order now applies to wire sequencing as well as for tag and wire number order. This setting provides default wire sequencing for wire networks with multiple components.

AutoCAD Electrical performs the following steps when determining wire connection sequence and it only looks at the sort order drawing property if points 1-3 have not been defined. 

  1. Check for a wire sequence defined using the Edit Wire Sequence command, including any Direct-to-Terminal connections
  2. Check for angled tee markers on the wire network and follow this if defined
  3. Check if any of the components have the same Location and group the wires by location first
  4. Use the Sort order drawing property to determine the connections for anything not accounted for in the previous checks

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