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    By Being Inventive

    After splitting a hole table on a metric drawing template and moving it to a different drawing sheet.The values get changed automatically.

    You could use the following steps to reproduce it :

    1. New drawing and place view with holes

    2. Create hole table and split the table

    3. Drag split part of the table to second drawing sheet

    4. Both XDIM & YDIM values change

    Before moving the Hole table :

    After moving the Hole table :

    This happens when mm template is used, coordinates in split table on second sheet change from mm to inch and precision changes from 0.00 to 0.000. If inch template is used, only precision is changed. 

    Workaround : Upon moving the split table to next sheet, right click on the table and select Edit Hole Table.

    • In the hole table dialog, set row merge option to none.
    • Press Apply.

    This should reset both XDIM and YDIM to the correct value.

    Say if you are using other options in the hole table dialog, In this instance combine notes, you can toggle back to combine notes, you will see both the XDIM & YDIM values remain unaltered.

    This issue is being considered for a fix in SP2 for Inventor 2015 which will be slated for release soon.



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