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    By Clint Brown

    Access to Fusion 360 is free with Product Design Suite 2016 on Subscription. Fusion 360 is a Cloud based 3D modelling and collaboration tool that runs on PC's, Macs and mobile devices, allowing you more flexibility when designing components.

    There are 2 versions of Fusion 360 available, depending on your the product design suite that you have on subscription: 

    • Product Design Suite Premium gets you Fusion 360
    • Product Design Suite Ultimate gets you Fusion 360 Ultimate

    Features:Fusion 360Fusion 360 UltimateSculpting & modeling tools for designXXEngineering tools such as assemblies & renderingXX2 & 2.5-axis machining and 3D printingXXCollaboration & managementXXSimulation XAnimations X3-axis machining XSynchronous design review X




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